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Pavement Signs

We supply and customise a wide range of durable pavement signs available in various styles, including sandwich boards, swinging signs and chalkboards, with a range of sizes and varieties that include interchangeable poster snap frames and semi-permanent panels.

Utilising high quality print and cut techniques, vinyl lettering and vibrant posters, your pavement sign will be completely customised to suit your brand and effectively advertise your message.

Sandwich Board (A-frame) Signs

Sandwich boards or A-frame pavement signs are used to display posters in a two sided display. We supply a classic A-Master pavement sign, and a booster version that incorporates a large header space for displaying your logo.

Windmaster (T-frame) Signs

T-frame pavement signs are popular for high-traffic areas as they require a minimum surface area and are extra sturdy due to their water/sand fillable bases. We supply free-standing pavement signs in panel and poster varieties, both swinging and non-swinging, and all in a choice of sizes.


Our chalkboards are manufactured with a triple UV resistant lacquered hardwood frame for maximum outdoor durability. We can customise our chalkboard to suit your requirements with a printed and profile cut logo or image applied to both sides of the chalkboard surface.

Contact us for further information and pricing.

  • A Frame, Pavement Signs

    Sandwich Board (A Frame) Stand

  • windmasters

    Windmaster (T Frame) for Strandhill Golf Club

  • Chalkboards

    Chalkboard Pavement Sign

  • Metal Pavement Sign

    Eco Flex with Chalkboard Panel